Commercial Krea showroom project cover graphic square


Category: Commercial, Showroom
Size: 2000 m2
Years of development: 2017-18

Design: Alicia Cwiek, Mark Cassar
Furnishing: Vivendo Projects Ltd
Photography: Mark Sapienza

- Project Description

Probably the largest commercial project we have ever taken part in.

Working with Vivendo Projects Ltd, once again we were involved in revolutionizing the whole customer experience in perhaps the most important Vivendo Group showroom and a popular furniture store – Krea. The main task was low-budget refurbishment of already existing 2 floors, integration of a new 500m2 extension, design of the facade and overall improvement of the flow and visual communication.
Our involvement in surveying and planning of 2000m2 showroom space was crucial, and we have successfully divided it into 5 main segments: ground floor: kitchens, main bedrooms, spare bedrooms; top floor: living areas and other (home office, storage units, vanities). In each of them we have worked hard to accommodate the required amount of product, at the same time taking care of clear and uninterrupted customer experience, easy access to staff workstations and an interesting presentation that would allow visitors to get inspired. In the overall result, Krea showroom consists of a mixed approach – strictly product display areas and creative ambience sections, giving to its customers the full spectrum of possibilities.

The facade, although challenging due to many various architectural components, additionally helped to integrate the whole building together, underlining even further the already strong brand’s image and providing consistency with neighboring Vivendo building.


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